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about Isla + Aiden

Hey there! Thank you for your interest. Here’s a little something about us. 



It all started with a search engine query from a new mom (that's me!) wanting the best for her daughter – "best shoes for toddlers". I found an overwhelming amount of info on how to choose good shoes for her developing feet. But very few actual options that both fit the functional criteria and that look good, at least for my taste, and at least locally in the Philippines. It sparked an idea to make my own for her and for other moms (and dads too) who are looking for the same thing, but couldn't find good options: shoes apt for their kids’ developing feet, timeless styles for everyday wear, and accessible at a good price.
    Isla + Aiden was born – for both my daughter Isla and son Aiden – and for other girls and boys who love to play and explore the world with their happy little feet. 



    At Isla + Aiden, we believe in the power of play and free exploration. It is through these that our kids learn and grow.  That’s why we designed our shoes that are good for their developing feet and perfect for their likot lifestyle – for play, running and jumping around, and exploring. 



    Handcrafted locally from design to production, Isla + Aiden shoes are specially made with design principles of function, simplicity, and timelessness so that your kids can wear them comfortably everyday, anywhere, and in any outfit – from the park, to the playground, to those little kiddie parties.

    How do our shoes support play and their growing feet? 

    • Breathable: upper and linings are made of 100% real soft leather, breathable materials that make their feet extra comfortable
    • Flexible: cushioned insole for low impact when jumping and running
    • Wide Toe Box: follows the shape of a kid's foot, so toes are relaxed and not squished
    • Anti-Slip: sole has traction to avoid slips
    • Easy On-Easy Off: practical design so they can put them on and off independently

    Plus, each pair is soulfully handmade by local artisans of Marikina. 

    We hope you try a pair for your kids and see the difference!